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Hello Readers!

Welcome to my Blog...

I'm Nurjaha Kadar Bagwan from India, (NooR :) and I love to Write, Love to play with words and arrange them in such a way making sure that they touch your Heart <3.

So I have named the blog after my obsession for words. And also I'm fond of different languages, Because I feel languages connect people around the world.

Through this blog I want to share mine and my Sister's (BiBi Batul Bagwan) writings and most importantly share a message to the society.

Because I feel Poetry is something which connects you to your Soul. 
Poetry is something which when meets with the mighty pen can do Wonders.
Poetry is something which doesn't say much, but yet says it All...!!

So Thank you to each one of you visiting this blog and giving your valuable time.

Do support my work and Do Comment and Share if you like it :)


~ NooR :)


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