Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Let’s Extirpate This Rape!(18+)

 #Let’s Extirpate This Rape!

I still remember that terrifying scene, How he had grabbed me with my stole...!

He might have touched my body, but he Shattered my Soul...!!

The Flashbacks of the Incident, never lose an opportunity to make me go freak...!

It reminds me How I had felt Helpless, How I had felt weak...!

There were scratches on my arms, and scars on my face!

And yet after everything, Why was I called as a disgrace...!?

For how long this will continue, For how long we won’t be Safe...!

Enough now!, Let’s Extirpate this Rape...!

The metal rods were pushed inside me, as if I was some Machine...!

How can someone cause such harm, being a Human Being ...!?


They said it’s an “ok thing”, If He forces you after marriage, as you are his wife...!

Of course I am, but also don’t forget, you are my “Gentle”Man for a reason throughout my life...!

The Heart felt more sad when they said it was your Fault, you should have Dressed more Appropriate...!

“It’s Untrue oh People”...! An Eight month old Victim replied, replied in my Defence, from her Grave...!

For how long this will continue, for how long we won’t be safe...!

Enough now! 

Lets make severe rules against Rape...!

Let’s Extirpate this Damn Rape...!