Thursday, July 2, 2020



It looks so cool when it rains
Some enjoy it and try to forget their pain
Plants stores water what they gain

Thirsty animals search it on valley or river plains

People like to get wet when its drizzling

Plants grows happily when its raining
Animals too enjoy rain by bathing
Birds too are busy in nest building

Couple feel happy and share romance
soil gets wet and start emitting fragrance
In cool breeze and rain drops trees dance
Animals also rejoice and dont wanna miss this chance

But it is dangerous if rains heavily
Floods occurs and causes disastrous cruelly

Many try to save their dwelling teary
But rain take them away surely

One has to be ready for all situations
Try to save oneself and avoid confusion
Plant more and more trees avoid deforestation
It will help proper water cycle to function

~Batul Bagwan


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