Sunday, July 5, 2020



Everywhere in the world practice Influence
Be it in Bollywood, schools, offices as we may have experience
Instead of deserving, close friends are given preference 
Some want to raise voice but lack evidence

But it does not mean due to this we must die
Why should one who suffers give up on life instead of try
Suicide is not the answer between Talent and lie
So fight against it and come up with joy

Your talent neither can be robbed nor can be taken away
If you are strong enough no one will dare, evil play
We don’t know what we hold in destiny 
So come out from depression and be healthy mentally

If one door is closed there will be other way round
Imagine success like a battle ground 
If you win it you are greatly profound
If you loose then don’t be on rebound

Don’t give up unless you achieve it
Don’t blame nepotism and quit
Get rid of negative thoughts, just flush it
Come up with flying colours and don’t think you are unfit

- Batul Bagwan


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