Monday, June 15, 2020

Say No to Suicide

#Say No to Suicide

What has happened to today's generation
Feel mental torture for small situation
Keep on thinking about problems and go in depression
Many commits suicide thinking that its the only solution

But let me tell you to please hold on
Before you take any action think of your loved ones
How they will feel when your gone
So tackle all your problems and move on

Come out from mental depression
and don't let it cause you any more destruction
share with friends and take their suggestions
Talk to your parents or take advice from close relations

Be brave and try to fight
because after every darkness there is light
God will make one day everything alright
Have faith and hold the rope of life tight

Maybe you have many sufferings just sit and decide
Love yourself, keep the problems aside
Come out from negative thinking which misguides
Don't you ever dare to commit suicide

~Batul Bagwan


  1. Nice message for today's youth.

  2. I agree with all that u said
    And suicide in youth should be questioned and spoken about but pls do not deem suicide as negative. It has its reasoning.
    Like I said I agree with what you said but perhaps suicide isn't just that.. In black n white