Friday, June 5, 2020

Say No to Racism

#Say No to Racism

We are living in 21st Century
Still fair look, White skin are consider complimentary
In many part of the world people live in beggary
From childhood they face racism and word "BLACK" is fix in their memory

Black people are discriminated widely
They are treated usually very badly
If they raise their voice they are stop brutally
And are even killed inhumanly

Not given much opportunity
To be someone great among their community
Small crime are not given impunity
And are punished with cruelty
Wake up world and see the pain of every human
No to treat black people like demon
They too have life feelings in common
God have made them, you and me and one day
We have to summon

Say no to racism and discrimination
Everyone is created with their own quality and perfection
Have fear of each and every evil action
And come out from word "BLACK" misconception

~Batul Bagwan


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