Thursday, June 4, 2020

Pregnant Elephant Killed by Humans

#Pregnant Elephant Killed by Humans

elephant kerala 2020

An elephant was searching food in forest
She could not find anything there and took some rest
But suddenly she heard voice from inside her chest
Mama, I am hungry feed me some Best.

She walked towards the silent valley
In search of food to fill her belly
As she was walking got pineapple smelly
Happy to find one of such fruit which she eat daily

But as soon as she ate the fruit exploded
Some one had filled crackers inside like storeyed
This inhuman act of people are so hated
One must be punished for hunted

She thought of her baby and run toward ashore
She did not break any houses nor hurt anybody, just adore
To relief her pain she deep her mouth in water and try to pours
She waited in water with trauma and pain and died after some hours

After her body fished out from river bottom
And was taken to postmortem
They found little baby inside her womb almost rotten
This give more tears of unforgotten

What a shameful act human did and cast
By feeding her with crackers fruit just to blast
Their humanity and love has exhaust
Cruelty toward animals has outcast

~Batul Bagwan

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