Friday, May 15, 2020

Online Love

#Online Love

Social media is one medium of business
To take away our leisure time and laziness
Some keep on chatting meaningless
Some are full of emotions others feelingless

Some even cross oceans to meet their lovers
Others just play with feelings of peers
Make fake promises like I'll jump from tower..
Other just believe in word power.

To run away from home
To live all alone
Far away from reality they are flown
In fake charm and beauty they are blown

Unless they realize the truth
They keep in contact with youth
After knowing the reality some become rude
Some share secrets, pictures and even say send me NUDES

I tell those people not to fall prey
Not to become victim of fake love, I pray
Don't share personal secrets with unknown Identity
Or in future you will end your life and Dignity.

~Batul Bagwan


  1. Very well written.. the fact of nowadays social media..👍

  2. Its so true... There are good as well as bad effect of social meadia