Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day

#Happy Mothers Day

A Salute to Mother..!

When she married she has lot of dreams
Studying like her friend and eating ice creams
Enjoying life on independent themes
Support me please she softly screams

But all her dreams she sacrificed  
Her future got change like a roll of dice
To do anything she has to think twice
She become housewife and make curry rice

Soon she become a mother
For me she started creating wonder
She forgot all to raised me and suffer
But was happy to become a great lover

To grow me up she burnt midnight oils
Always protected me from cold and heat boils
She didn't bother if her beauty got spoiled
She nurse me like plants grow in Soil

She work for family without any break
Even did not care if her body ache
She always say, on time you must wake
In difficult time one must not shake

She taught us to be kind
Do good to others keep always in mind
Don't trust anyone with your eyes blind
Whatever happened leave it behind

I salute my mother for bringing me up
Whenever i Was ill feeding me up
To make me well she always stood up
Even my dirt she cleaned up

I love my mother with bottom of my heart
Thank her always for making me smart
Ignore the problems in life and restart
Oh Mother! you made my life a Divine Art

~Batul Bagwan