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Eid 2020 in India, Eid Mubarak 2020 , Muslim Festival 2020 , Eid ul fitr 2020

#Eid -ul- Fitr- 2020

Ramzan Eid, Ramdan Eid, Eid ul-Fitr (Festival to break the fast) is celebrated after the month of Ramdan is over that is on 1st Shawwal of Islamic Month.

Eid is a Festival which brings unity and happiness to each and every human. we celebrate it after fasting month is over as blessing and happiness

Day before Eid we see the moon if it is sighted we celebrate the eid next day. Muslim men go to Idgah or open ground to pray Eid namaz and women pray at home.

But Before Eid prayer we have to give Zakat (Alms giving) to poor and needy Zakat, Fitra and Sadka is Obligatory to give who is rich enough. One should give it happily

Zakat is one of the five Pillar of "Islam" regarded as form of worship. It is obligatory to donate certain portion of money every year to poor and needy. As giving away zakat money to poor so as it purify yearly earnings. So to purify earnings every year one must give zakat based on income and the value of possessions. It is generally 2.5 % or 1/40 part of the total savings and wealth. Zakat benefits both the giver and receiver.

Fitra is given after sighting the moon. It is an amount of charity given as food or equal amount of money at the end of the Ramadan before Eid prayer. One can give wheat, rice, dates, Barley, Raisins etc as fitra. Approximately 2.25kg to 3kg or equal amount of money a head of the family has to pay fitra for each and every depended persons.

Sadaqah means giving charity with pure heart. It can be given at any time. But during Ramdan their importance increases and more blessings and rewards are counted. It should be given to those who cannot make a living themselves, poor and needy, widowed or homeless people

Sadaqah does not mean one has to pay only money as Sadaqah it cab be any good deed like example

  • Praying and doing dua for person whom you care.
  • To guide the misguided person
  • Visiting the sick people
  • Removing harmful things that comes to your way
  • Share happiness and dont be jealous
  • Give respect to each and every individual
  • Forgive people
  • Talk softly not to be rude
  • To give good advice
  • Have patience in difficult times
  • Do not do evil like killing, hunting any living things
  • Nurturing kids in well manner
  • Give time to your family
  • Help poor and needy people
  • Spread Knowledge
  • Give wise advice to young people
  • Smiling to each other is also Sadaqah

After Eid Namaz everyone greet by hug and hand shake with each other and say Eid Mubarak and exchange blessings. We greet everyone irrespective of Cast, Creet, Enemies or Religions.

During Eid celebration women at home are very busy preparing a varieties of dishes like Sheerkhurma (Seviyan)  

Here is the receipe how we make Sheerkurma 

Sheerkurma is a main special dish of "Eid". It is made traditionally as well as with modern style.

In Traditional Style

In Traditional Style it is cooked separately and then added milk into it. First we have to soak all dry fruits like Kaju (Cashew), Almonds, Pista, Dry dates, Charoli, Maghaz etc are used and species like Cloves, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Saffron, Kishmish (Raisin), dry coconut etc are used

One have to soak kashkash over night and grind it in a mixer with dry coconut add water accordingly.

Heat Desi ghee in a utensil and put all masala and dry fruits roast and then it becomes golden brown
and then add grind kashkash and coconut mixer in it add water and make it boil add sugar and stir it accordingly.

After it get boiled add Seviyan (vermicelli) into it. Let it cook , once it is cooked pour boiled milk into it.

Adjust the sugar if needed.. Sheerkurma is ready , Serve it Hot.!

Eid Mubarak 2020

In Modern Style

Sheerkhurma is cooked by boiling it in milk.

Heat oil and put all masala and dry fruits, pour milk and make it boil then add crushed Seviyan  and sugar. Add milk made to get more taste.

In traditional style Milk made is not used

Biryani, kabab, Chciken Lolipop etc.

Here is the recipe of How to make Biryani, Chicken fry and Sheerkhurma prepared by my mom which was featured in our local news Channel.

They start all this preparation early so that they can make it ready on time. As Cutting vegetables, Chopping dry fruits takes alot of time.

In this festival of Eid, after prayer all people start visiting each other houses exchange greetings and give eidi (token of money as love) to young ones. In Eid even Children are very happy as they enjoy alot and innocently greet Eid Mubarak.

In this festival of Eid we happily greet each other all set to eat sheer khurma eat together, friends and neighbors visit exchange their dishes

But this Ramdan Eid 2020 is different as it is Quarantine Situation and almost whole word is lockdown. So we have to maintain Social Distance and be at home and pray that next year we can celebrate Eid with full of freedom and with Love

"Eid mubarak" to you and your family. Maintain social distance and celebrate it happily. Pray that this Pandemic ends quickly so that we can move on freely.

By Batul Bagwan


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