Friday, May 1, 2020

Corona Virus

#Corona Virus

A tiny virus which cannot be seen
with our naked eyes
but has caused huge destruction
and made all humanity sigh.

Whom to believe and identify
Some say truth and others lie
But due to this many people
Suffer and die

Its crown like structure
and cycle of infection
attack the lungs and
stop the function of respiration
This has made it King among the germs
Stay at home and take proper norms

Seeing the infected nurses Cry
To save the people doctors try
Virus don't see status, age, girl or guy
Its infection in all of them is high

Each and every individual social distancing
Avoiding crowd and partying
Covering face and no hand shaking
Even at this situation salute those
who are helping

Almost all parts of the world is quarantine
Many countries are trying to find its vaccine
Praying to God to make everyone fine
To make everything alright and return that sunshine

~ Batul Bagwan


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