Saturday, April 25, 2020

True Liberation

#True Liberation

A Historic event, a freedom moment that had had to happen on a fine day..
Yet another year we celebrate, as the "Goa Liberation Day"

Centuries they ruled, centuries they controlled, centuries they kept us in their shade..
But now we are liberated now we are free through the struggle and efforts
which our freedom fighters had made...

And then, We raised this flag, the Symbol of our Nation, the Symbol of our Dignity..
No more discrimination, no more fear, so experience the bit of feeling called Equality..

But wait..!! Are we really liberated?? though we got the moment..
The answer lies within.. Just ask yourself for a moment..!

The true liberation is not when you can do what you want or when you can roam freely...
The true liberation is that feeling of "Happiness" you get, by fighting for the wrong daringly.!

The true freedom is not only educating your child or fulfill all his desires.!
It is also important to make him understand about life and take interest in what he admires.!!

Till today, the girls are not safe on streets, schools, homes expect the few..
The true liberation is that moment, when you stop killing that girl who was inside You.!!

Even the bird is living, breathing.. alive in the hopeless cage.!
But is not happy, has not felt life.. unless it is liberate..!

So go out there.. feel life and help those who are in need..
You are 'DJ' of your own life..! Rock it till the last Beat..

Be kind, learn to forgive and forget.. Good will follow your way..
You will be successful in the operation of life, like the operation "VIJAY"..!!