Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Ramadan 2020 Amid Covid 19

#Ramadan 2020 Amid Covid 19

The Month is back again, which is Best and Blessed, which is Special and Supreme…
Wish Each and Every one across the World, A very “Happy Ramadan Kareem”…

So, what’s so special about this Ramadan 2020..? Well a lot of things have turned upside down since the outbreak of Corona, and People from every corner of the world wants nothing but everything back to Normal, so that we can Restart our Lives which are presently like Paused…!

Ramadan is the Holy Month in which Muslims from all over the World observe fasts. The obligatory fasts are a mark of Faith and Devotion. It helps in maintaining Physical, Emotional and Mental consciousness of Body, Mind and Soul. To Avoid Evil things in all of its mean, like Lying, getting Angry, bad Habits, Bad Words, Bad Behavior etc all sorts of Immoral Acts… It is the Purification month where your Body and Soul is Purified.
In Short, It is less of Not eating or drinking but more of taking yourself Closer to the Almighty, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.
Because “Fasts are Decreed upon us, So as to learn Self-Restraint”, and “To Fast is Best for Us only if we knew”.

I know Most of the People are missing the Activities they used to do in Ramadan; like Iftars Together, Visiting Shops and Markets, Eating Together and most of all those Taraweeh Prayers Together. It’s true that it is Heart Breaking, But What can be more important to Us than the good Health of Our fellow Brothers and Sisters…!
So this is what Different this Ramadan…
Limiting your Needs and Understanding the Importance of ‘Saving Lives’.
Importance of Learning the limiting of Food as well, see that you ”Eat and Drink But Waste NOT by Extravagance”…

Therefore, Whatever the Situation might be, Involve full of Yourselves into it Make your Homes Masjids and let your Homes be purified too this lockdown with the Blessed Ramadan. Try helping your Mums in Sehri (pre-dawn meal) and Iftari (evening meal) Arrangements and Preparations, because with or without lockdown she is the One always busy taking care of Homes and You…

And let us join Hands in Prayers for the Good Health of the Real Warriors of this, The Doctors, Health Workers, and Police etc. Who are risking their lives during this Pandemic and giving all of they can do to Save Lives. They are doing their bit, you can do it Too.
Don’t leave any opportunity to do Good, may it be small or big, like Helping Neighbors out, Giving Charity, helping in Donations Online, listening to helpful lectures and many more…
Don’t forget, “Every Act of Kindness you do, is an act of Charity”.

So have a Safe and Blessed Ramadan this year.