Saturday, April 25, 2020

Meet My Valentine

#Meet My Valentine

Meeting you was one of the best thing happened in life, which happens only to few..
I have never loved anyone in life, as I have loved you..

You are so different, so Calm, so Pure like the morning dew..
I swear.., My heart skips a beat, every time it sees you.!

You were always there with me in Difficult Situations..
Your name is truly written in my Destination.!

No one cares for me, Like how you do!
You are Hero in my View...

Your picture in my heart is permanently fixed..
oh My...! I thank god, for the perfect picked...

The way you talk, the way you laugh, the way you smile at Me..
We are just Perfect for  each other, like how a lock is to its Key..

Be mine forever, Our love is so pure, our love is so fine..
I know there are ups and down some times.., so please Take care my Dear Valentine..!!





  1. Can relate with the every word that's . It reminded me of 27th Aug 2017 when I had met my valentine. This was exactly what I had felt that moment. Loved it.

  2. Glad that it touched you...❣️

    Thnyku so much:)