Saturday, April 25, 2020

A Girl's Cry

#A Girl's Cry

How much i'll tolerate, how much i'll suffer..
Am i not the creation of the same God 'The Creator'..

Why am i said to be Curse...!
Being a girl is not Worse...

Why am i not educated like my brother..?
Should i also be uneducated like my mother..?

Why most of you want Boy, not Girl..!
Give me a chance, and i'll shine like a Pearl.

Don't Kill me... Living is my Right...
To bring me in this world.., Mama.. You should Fight.!

I also want to live, enjoy, play and be successful in life..
And don't want to only marry and become someone's wife.!

Don't disrespect me, my dignity is my treasure...
Don't you dare, hurt me.., for your evil Pleasure..!!

T.V, Fridge, Car, Money is that what you want
Dowry is a Crime Mister.., then why you always taunt..

People should change their thoughts, otherwise it will continue still..
Everyone should think and support me, by their own Will..



  1. What a thought. Some fools do not know to respect girl child what they see is all money. This idiots they consider only boys can earn for them and take care of them which is 100% false. Still in our society girl child is taken as a burden on family.The person who wont like to have a girl child will be the same person who wont be able to survive without its wife & mother. I believe more awareness needs to be created in the rural areas of india. So that this completely stops. And for my shocking even educated class thinks this way which is very bad. Need more people like you to bring change. #bethechangeyouwanttosee #betibachaobetipadao #savethegirlchild #girlpower

    1. Your comment is like a motivation for me to write more..!


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