Monday, November 1, 2021

Swarnim Vijay varsh...

#सेवा; स्वयं से बढ़कर...।

दांव पर लिए ज़िंदगी अपनी, जब एक फौजी घर से निकलता है...
देश की सुरक्षा की ख़ातिर, नजाने क्या-क्या कुरबान वह करता है...!

घर-बार से दूर, ऐश व अराम से परे, आख़िर किसलिए...?
बस एक माँ से दूर, एक माँ के लिये...!

दिल में सुलगती आग लिए, आँखो में चमकता जज़्बा...
हर वक़्त सतर्क रेहता है, कहीं दुश्मन कर न ले कब्ज़ा...।

न दुश्मन का भय, न मौत का डर...
बस देश के सेवा में तत्पर खड़ा रेहता है वे निडर...।

जंग के मैदान में साहस से लड़ता है, चाहे मार कर या मर कर...
क्यूंके इसके लिए, सेवा है, स्वयं से बढ़कर...।

लौटूँगा यह कह कर अपनों को देता है वह वचन...
चाहे तिरंगा लहरा कर, या तिरंगे को बना के कफ़न...!

सलाम है ऐसे वीर को, जो सरहद पर वार सहता है...
त्याग के अपने प्राण जो अपने खून से इतिहास रचता है...।

आओ आज इस मौके पर, हम स्मरण करे ऐसे ही जवानो को...
मशाल लिए हाथ में ‘स्वर्णिम विजय’ की, 
याद करे उन परवानो को....
याद करे उन परवानो को...!

जय हिंद, जय भारत...


Tuesday, December 8, 2020



Zindagi bhi ajeeb hai, 

Hazaron khwab dikhati hai

Kabhi daman khushiyu se bhar deti hai

 toh kabi gum ke badal dhati hai...

Hai yeh Zindagi kitni ajeeb hai...

Haste hue ko rula deti hai

Roye hue ko hasa dete hai

Ruthe hue ko manati hai

Ache khase Insaan se judaa kar deti hai...

Isliye kehte hain zindagi se Kabhi mayus na hona 

Haste haste gum ko bhulna 

Kyu ke har ek gum ke baad dher sari Kushiya hoti hai

Jo zindagi ko badal deti hai...

Hai yeh zindagi tab haseen hoti hai...

-Batul Bagwan

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Bura Lagta Hai...!

                        #Bura Lagta Hai...

Acha lagta hai jab tumhe koi Aasman mei udna sikhata hai

Par bura lagta hai jab wahi koi tumhare Par kaat deta hai

Par tum nadaan udne mei kyu itne goom se jate ho!

Muh ke bal gir ke bhi kehte ho ke wo insaan tumhe acha lagta hai!

Keh kyu nahi dete, ke Han mujhe bura lagta hai...

Acha lagta hai jab tumhe koi kahe ke tum Ahem ho uske liye

Par bura lagta hai jab wahi koi agle hi pal tumhe bakwas keh ke jiye

Par tum baato baato mei yeh phir kyu bhool jate ho Aksar!

Ya bandh jate ho uski yaadoon mei jo sath milker the jiye

Acha lagta hai jab tumhe koi Acha kehta hai

Par bura lagta hai jab wahi koi tumhare peeth  piche burai karta hai

Yeh jankar bhi tum kyu khamosh rehto ho dost!

Bata diya karo ke tum robot nahi, Aur uski baato se tumhe fark padta hai...

Bata diya karo, ke Han mujhe bura lagta hai...

Acha lagta hai jab koi tumhara sukh-dukh mei sath deta hai

Par bura lagta hai jab wahi koi tumhe Akela kar deta hai

Chalo koi nai, akele rehkar shayed sambhal jao zindagi mei!

Waise, andehere mei kahan khud ka saya bhi sath deta hai...

Acha lagta hai jab koi tumhe Janta hai tumhe samajhta hai

Par bura lagta hai jab wahi koi Jaan kar bhi Anjaan ban jata hai

Bahari chot toh sabko dikh jati hai yaaro!

Par yeh dil ki chot ka haal akhir kon Puchta hai...

Toh bata diya karo...

Ke Han Mujhe Bura lagta hai...

Akhir Tu,

Apna sa jo lagta hai...


Thursday, October 1, 2020

Gandhi Jayanti

 #Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Father of our Nation

Who fought with Non-Violence and good in conversations

His only Goal was, British rule Termination

To free India and Become Independent Nation

Many Freedom Fighters agreed with Gandhi in his movement 

He started many Satyagraha and Quit India Movement

He wanted Peace, Freedom and non Violence

And organised movement like Go Back Simon

At last after many Struggles, India became Independent

British were defeated and sent back to England

On 15th August 1947, every year it is celebrated as Day of Independence 

And on 2nd October, Bapu’s birthday is declared as International Day of Non-Violence

But after Freedom, fights between communal occurred

Partitioned happened and drew the line of Border

All are equal, all should live in peace he ordered

But Nathuram Godse shot him to death and he left saying “Hey Ram! Protect from disordered”. 

 -Batul Bagwan

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Happy Teacher’s Day


#Teacher’s Day

Teacher Teacher, I admire you 

People like you are very few

So calm and loving I ever knew

You are the one who teaches us overall life view 

You shape our innocent Hearts

From little to mature and to be Smart

If whenever we fail in life, you guide us to restart

You always appreciate us and show us the right path

You solve our difficulties easily

Always guides us freely

Give good advices equally

Although for our betterment, scold us secretly

I salute you for everything you have done 

During school days, so much mid-night oil burnt

Teaching, learning was based on activity and fun

I still remember those days where my life had begun...

~Batul Bagwan

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Virtues of Muharram...


The first month of Hijri Calendar or Islamic New year

Many incidents occurred during this month in different year

Adam (pbuh) repentance was accepted after his exile from Jannah

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) migrated from Makkah to Medina

Ibrahim (pbuh) was saved from fire thrown in by tyrant ruler Nimrod

Yunus (pbuh) was saved from drowning

 and was swallowed by fish and safely removed

 Musa (pbuh) and his people were rescued from Firaun 

Nuh’s (pbuh) Ark was saved along with his companion

But during this month which mean forbidden

A tearful War in Karbala had happened 

Crude Ruler Yazid killed Husain (r.a) and his beloved ones

Didn’t even show mercy to old and young ones

6 month old baby was martyred with 3 

headed arrow which went through his neck

Little Asgar died in his hands with thirst and forever slept 

Husain(r.a) tasted martyrdom during prostrate

Many Companions became martyrs and were kept captive

They all Sacrificed life to protect Islam

Salute to 72 martyrs of Karbala and Salaam

Ignorance reigned over the world was enlighten by Imam (r.a)

He raised voice against ignorance, oppression, 

discrimination and dealt with calm

Some Muslims remember the sacrifice by hurting themselves

Others keep fasts during Ashura and perform extra prayers

Some fast, mourn and arrange processions 

And some maintain calm and silence.

-Batul Bagwan